How 100 People Who Care Inuvik works:

Inuvik's 100+ People Who Care is being created following in the footsteps of other 100+ People Who Care initiatives across the world. During the quarterly meetings three registered charitable groups in Inuvik will be invited to make a 5-minute presentation. Each member who is present at the meetings will cast a ballot for their first choice and the group who receives the most votes will receive all the funds.

Your commitment, should you choose to be part of this organization, is simple;

  • Fill out the 100 People Commitment form, and commit for 1 year
  • Attend four meetings a year (1 hour, every 3 months)
  • Bring a cheque in the amount of $100 to each meeting

At the conclusion of the vote, you make your cheque out to the winner and you will subsequently receive a tax receipt for your donation. If you are unable to attend a meeting you must still honor your financial commitment.

As a member, you will be able to nominate any group of your choice that meet the criteria, which is basically that they are able to provide a tax receipt for the donation, and that they operate within Inuvik. The selection will be made by drawing 3 names, and those 3 will be invited to present at the next meeting. You may nominate the same group as many times as you like. Any group that is chosen to receive a donation will not be eligible again for a period of two years.